Deck the Halls with…?

Every year come holiday time, I find out what will and will not work for decorating, the hard way. Some of you may assume that by now I should have this figured out; Well, I don’t, and here’s why… Seeing the Whole Picture Persons on the autism spectrum tend to see things in parts before […]

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Celebrating Easter

Sleep Deprivation, Tears, Itchy Dresses, Bread Thievery, and Blood.

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Holla-Daze 2018

As I sat there restraining him and rocking him back and forth and feeling where he bit me throb on my shoulder I couldn’t help but look to the future and wonder if things will always be this way. What happens when he’s bigger than I am? He’s already tall and a big boy and it’s no easy task to pick him up, etc. Hopefully, with time, trial and error, and his therapy we will be able to help him learn to self-regulate.