First of all, WELCOME. I am SO glad you are here.


You can expect a whole lot of real. I try to be transparent in sharing the good, the bad, the dark, the light, the controversial, and everything in between. I share both informational posts as well as personal experience with some sarcasm and colorful language sprinkled in. You can expect to laugh, smile, cry, and maybe even cringe. Most of all, I hope to educate, advocate, entertain, and hopefully bring better understanding of people and families of all abilities.

I share a lot about my life as a mom of a willful, talkative, sweet, and smart little girl, and a fearless, wild, snuggly, and so far non-verbal developmentally delayed little (big) boy; and wife of a workaholic, insanely busy, hardworking, loving, hunting obsessed, and stubborn husband.

I want to raise awareness and share my journey to getting my son diagnosed and getting him help in living his best life with his disabilities. I want to share how my faith has been tested in that journey and journeys before. I want to share how these journeys effect my family and relationships .I want to talk about my fears, my hopes, my dreams. I want to help. I want to share. I want support. I want to support.

Follow my blog and social media (linked below), and embark on this journey with me. I can use all of the support I can get.

  • Deck the Halls with…?
    Every year come holiday time, I find out what will and will not work for decorating, the hard way. Some of you may assume that by now I should have this figured out; Well, I don’t, and here’s why… Seeing the Whole Picture Persons on the autism spectrum tend to see things in parts before […]
  • The Fight
    “I am f#@*ing exhausted, but I will never stop fighting.”
  • I’m Sick of Giving In
    As I sit here, in the waiting room of a therapy facility, as the rain is pouring down, while my son is working hard to learn to talk, walk, eat, and socialize like the rest of us, while my daughter is at daycare because I don’t want her to spend her days in a waiting […]