Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

As with most situations in life, our family’s situation at this time is a little different than most.

I see all the posts and memes about social distancing and being quarantined, and realize I come pretty close to living that way all the time, anyway.

I am going to be totally honest in admitting that I would love to be quarantined to my home for weeks. Quite frankly, I get sick of the go, go, go of our schedule, and would just love to sit back and slow down for a few weeks. Granted, I would rather the world not be in this state where quarantine and social distancing is necessary in the first place.

What you have to understand, is that going to my son’s therapies is a necessity for his well-being and for our family. It would shock and amaze you how much a child with nonverbal autism can regress in a very short amount of time when taken away from therapy and routine.

I am so thankful that it is noticed how essential the services provided by LifeScape and similar places are, and that they remain open during this uncertain time. They are most definitely “essential” to families like ours. They have many precautions in place to keep those of us coming and going healthy and from spreading germs, even if they did judge me SO HARD for that one sneeze that one day.

Gus is missing speech and OT therapy, as well as his time with the special education teacher through/at the school with it being closed down. This is hard because his speech therapist at the school was his very first, and he absolutely adores her (as do I). On a happy note, we are going to try these therapies via video conferencing this week. With Gus, things have to be pretty hands-on, so we will see how it goes. I know he will be excited to see their faces!

Things, thankfully, have not had to change much at all for any of us, except our daughter. Preschool is shutdown. Release time (her church class once weekly) is shut down. She is sure missing her friends and teachers.

With all of this change to her schedule, you would think it would really mess with the rest of our schedules, especially since with all of the health precautions going on at LifeScape and her being unable to come to therapy with mom and brother or go to work with dad.

This is where the real MVP shines…our daycare provider! Before all of this, Ada already attended daycare one day a week, and for a few hours the other days of the week. Now, she just goes to daycare (where they are also implementing extensive safety/health precautions) until we (as in the world) figure this all out and know what the next steps will be.

Things have changed, in that it is harder to find groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, and that grocery stores and other shopping centers are filled with panic stricken and rude individuals. We have definitely experienced that first hand.

Ada had to spend her 5th birthday at home this last Saturday. While it is disappointing that she didn’t get to do what she really wanted (Chuck E. Cheese and an icecream shop), and that it has to be so hard for her to understand, I think she still had a great day with family.

While I am not an “essential worker or employee”, I do see myself as pretty essential to my family right now. We are doing our best to stay healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally – as well as keep those around us safe. It’s not always black or white or this or that.

I’m not here to give my opinion or find out yours. (Granted, mine shines through some when trying to explain what’s going on with me right now… This is a blog after all.) I just thought I would share what this time looks like for my family, since none of the things being shared or talked about regarding quarantine and such really apply to us.

I do feel more stress and anxiety. A little of this stems from fear of the actual virus, but the majority of it stems from my disappointment in society as a whole. I am not going to go into detail. No time for that. I will say (type) that I am scared for the future in seeing how things have played out during this pandemic. I, more than once, have had my finger hovering over the “deactivate profile” button on my social media account these last few weeks.

All I can do is my best and keep the big picture and the big guy in the forefront of my mind.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick snippet.

Stay well!


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