Deck the Halls with…?

Every year come holiday time, I find out what will and will not work for decorating, the hard way. Some of you may assume that by now I should have this figured out; Well, I don’t, and here’s why… Seeing the Whole Picture Persons on the autism spectrum tend to see things in parts before […]

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The Fight

“I am f#@*ing exhausted, but I will never stop fighting.”


I’m Sick of Giving In

As I sit here, in the waiting room of a therapy facility, as the rain is pouring down, while my son is working hard to learn to talk, walk, eat, and socialize like the rest of us, while my daughter is at daycare because I don’t want her to spend her days in a waiting […]

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Summertime Update

Summer is here. We’ve already used almost an entire bottle of sunscreen. We all have tan lines. That’s how it should be. I am happy to say that our local swimming pool is OPEN, with precautions in place. I know just how lucky we are. Most public pools throughout the country are closed down amid […]


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

As with most situations in life, our family’s situation at this time is a little different than most. I see all the posts and memes about social distancing and being quarantined, and realize I come pretty close to living that way all the time, anyway. I am going to be totally honest in admitting that […]

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Peaks, Valleys, and Plateaus – VLOG!

Update from the parking lot.

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My Only Child(ren) – Part 2

As I sit here at my big, takes up too much space in my kitchen, kitchen table with six chairs around it, that I bought on sale years before I had children, I realize and accept that I don’t really need it anymore. I bought it in the first place because: #1: It was on sale, and #2: It had plenty of room for my “future family”.

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I Would Drive 1000 Miles, and I Would Drive 1000 More

It’s been a while! Like two and a half months since I’ve even looked at my blog. I have so much I should be doing around the house right now since I am home, but it will be good for me to get everything typed out and give everyone an update on life. I know I don’t see family and friends near as often as I’d like to, and you all show us so much love, you deserve to hear what’s going on, too.

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My Only Child(ren) – Part 1

This blog post started as one thing and kind of morphed into another. Therefore, I will make this part 1 of more posts to shared at a later date. Background History My husband and I experienced fertility problems, and tried for a very long time to conceive our first child. With the help of a […]

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Big Boy Bed

Well, I have another milestone to share. While it may seem mundane, a post about a kid transitioning from a crib to a bed, you have to understand that for our family THIS. IS. HUGE. My son, Augustus (Gus), is 3-years-old with diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and sensory processing disorder (SPD). He is […]